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Pure Location Yacht Hybride Croatie en Méditérannée

on board

No need for wind to sail silently and economically...




Navigate and preserve

Welcome to the Pure charter site, our state-of-the-art hybrid yacht that combines performance and respect for the environment with exceptional comfort. On board of Pure, you can navigate safely while enjoying the surrounding nature, without harming the marine environment.

Our hybrid boat is equipped with the latest technologies to minimize environmental impact. Thanks to the hybrid propulsion system, CO2 emissions are considerably reduced as well as the noise pollution associated with traditional engines. You can therefore sail in silence, without disturbing the marine fauna...


Comfort on board the Pure is also exceptional. Designed to provide an unforgettable sailing experience, the yacht is equipped with all modern conveniences, including a fully equipped galley, luxurious cabins and en-suite bathrooms. You can also enjoy two large outdoor spaces to relax and have fun with family or friends.


We provide you with a professional skipper trained to accompany you throughout your trip and help you discover all the remarkable places. We have also taken all necessary measures to guarantee your safety on board, including full safety equipment. Thanks to the hybrid system, your cruising speed can go from 7 knots (speed of a good sailboat) to 23 knots (speed of 2x370 HP) if your sailboat quickly connects a point or in the event of changing weather conditions.


By choosing to sail aboard Pure, you are making an eco-friendly choice and you can enjoy an unforgettable voyage in complete safety and comfort. Come and discover the luxury of sailing aboard our hybrid yacht and explore the hidden beauties of the sea.


Safety is our top priority aboard the Pure hybrid yacht. We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that your trip is safe and pleasant.

Location Yacht Hybride en Croatie
Yacht économique et respecteux de l'environnement

Savings with the Hybrid

The Greenline 45 "Pure" yacht is equipped with a state-of-the-art hybrid system that offers many advantages, especially in terms of fuel savings and reduced navigation costs.

1/2 day outings Brunch or Sunset

Welcome aboard our privatized sea trips for half a day, for breakfast/brunch or for the sunset. Our outings are designed to provide a relaxed, noise-free boating experience thanks to our electric motors.

Sortie Brunch ou sunset sur yacht hybride croatie
Location yacht hybride avec skipper

Day and Weekly rental with Skipper

Welcome aboard the hybrid yacht Pure, your destination of choice for an exceptional sailing experience. We are delighted to offer you the possibility of renting our boat for a full week, with a professional skipper to accompany you throughout your journey.

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